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Community Band South extends an invitation to post-high school amateur musicians to come to our rehearsals at the Upper St. Clair High School Band Room, 1825 McLaughlin Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA., 15241 -- just past South Hills village mall. With rare exceptions, we practice year round Monday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30.

A few quick facts follow in Q & A format:

Q. What does it cost to join CBS?
A. Nothing! No annual dues are assessed. New members are asked to pay a registration fee of $5.00.

Q. Will I have to audition? How is seating handled?
A. No audition is required. We expect each member to realistically place her/himself within a section where she/he is comfortable and where she/he will make the most valuable contribution to the overall musical benefit of the band. Directors reserve the right to suggest and advise placement to adjust balance and technical requirements. The directors will assign incidental solos within a selection.

Q. Will I be required to attend every rehearsal?
A. CBS is aware of members' adult responsibilities; therefore there are no rigid attendance requirements. We do ask the following when members attend:

  • Members are to check their names on the attendance sheet each performance and rehearsal. 

  • Members are asked to sign-up in advance for all performances.

  • If a member misses four consecutive rehearsals without notification her/his name will be removed.

  • Times of performances will be posted as "Downbeat Times" Players are expected to report in advance to set-up, put music in order, warm-up properly and tune

    Q. How often and where does the band play?
    A. Performances average about 12 per year, with the summer schedule being heaviest. Performances are usually in the South Hills of Pittsburgh but road trips to California University of Pennsylvania and to Ligonier, Pa., have been conducted.

    Q. How do I get to the concerts?
    A. Members provide their own transportation to concert sites. Car-pooling is recommended. A bus may be chartered for distant performances, such as California University of Pennsylvania. 

    Q. Do I have to bring a music stand?
    A. Music stands are provided for regular rehearsals. However, it's a good idea to have a portable stand to bring along for concerts. It's also a good idea to have clothespins or other clips to keep your music from blowing away during outdoor concerts.

    Q. What does the band wear in concert? Will I have to buy a tuxedo or formal wear?
    A. Band attire generally parallels the school year as listed below:

    WINTER: (September through May)
    White shirt with a red tie for men. Prefer black trousers, shoes and socks. 
    Black blouse, black skirt or slacks for women.

    SUMMER: (June through August)
    White golf shirt with CBS Logo, black trousers, skirt or slacks.
    CBS offers a white golf shirt with the CBS logo for $21 that can be worn for summer concerts, but purchase is not mandatory. Official CBS white ball caps are also available.

    CBS also offers a white, natural, or gray sweatshirt with CBS logo for $24 Add; $2 for XXL.

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